• Navigation Wealth now operate as an integral part of the advice we provide to our clients. Their practice is busy but somehow they find time to answer our many questions, make suggestions and provide innovate solutions for our clients pension and investment requirements. Their knowledge, experience and ability to articulate it well has proven financially very valuable to our clients and reassuring to us. We trust them!
    O'Connor Pyne & Company,
  • "Richard and Paul has been a key support to our firm and clients for over five years. Their combined skill set has generate clever and profitable solutions for our clients. We highly regard their ability to engage with our clients and value their client first approach. Highly recommended!" Top Qualities: Thorough Solutions, Clear Explanations, High Integrity and Trust
    Westboro Partners Ltd,
  • We at TA Sheehan & Co cannot say enough good things about our experiences working with Navigation Wealth. We are 100% confident in using their services for our clients financial planning, pension and investment requirements. Both Paul and Richard have a core depth of knowledge and skill in explaining what typically tedious and complicated topics to our clients are. They simplify the detail, provide expert advice and go above and beyond to help us and our clients. We would never go to anyone else! Top Qualities: Clarity, High Integrity, Trust, Client Focused
    T.A. Sheehan & Co,
  • Navigation Wealth has proven an invaluable part of our advice process for over five years now. Pension and retirement planning in particular can be complex and tedious with investment and financial planning requiring a personal and confidential approach. Navigation Wealth have always delivered in a very professional way to our clients and we see highly recommend Navigation Wealth to our clients. Top Qualities: Confidential, Expert Advice, Personable
    Baxter & Associates,
  • "We have engaged the services of Navigation Wealth for a number of years now and will not be recommending any other firm of financial planners to our clients. Richard has always been there for us with suggestions and creative ideas for our clients the ultimately lead to better outcomes for our clients. We enthusiastically refer our clients to Navigation Wealth and in an era of greater complexity, it is great to have an ally like Navigation Wealth available to you." Top Qualities: Creative, Expert, Trust
    James Kelly & Associates, Accountants,
  • We cannot say enough about Paul Moore's dedication and highest calibre professionalism toward our clients. Year after year, Paul carefully reviewed our clients' pension and investment portfolios in an objective, impartial and considered way so as to ensure our clients received the best outcomes. Navigation Wealth, have continued to support the advice and service we provide to our clients, they source the most suitable solutions for our clients, they maximise value and manage the investment risk of our clients' portfolios and have added immense value to the services we provide. We highly recommend Navigation Wealth for any accountancy firm, solicitor or client, we trust them to work closely, confidentially with high integrity with all our clients. Top Qualities: Great Client Feedback, Confidence, Expert Advice, Trust.
    Martin & Company,







Our people

Richard Riordan - Director - Richard Riordan - Director

Richard Riordan - Director

Richard joined Navigation Wealth in late 2010 having spent over 20 years working with and advising retail…

Deirdre Quinlan - Office Senior - Deirdre Quinlan - Office Senior

Deirdre Quinlan - Office Senior

Deirdre Quinlan joined Navigation Wealth in 2010 having previously worked with L.C.I…

Paul Moore - Pensions and Investment Adviser - Paul Moore - Pensions and Investment Adviser

Paul Moore - Pensions and Investment Adviser

Paul joined Navigation Wealth in 2010 as a Financial Consultant. Previously worked with Marsh Financial…

Clare Barry - Technical Support and Research - Clare Barry - Technical Support and Research

Clare Barry - Technical Support and Research

Clare, who works remotely for us as a research and technical consultant, is the most recent addition to the…


Ireland, daily increase:

March 23: +24%
March 24: +18%
March 25: +18%
March 26: +16%
March 27: +17%
March 28: +14%
March 29: +8%

Maybe it’s working?

At 8%, 2,600 becomes 5,600 in ten days.

Stick with it.

#StayAtHome #FlattenTheCurve #StopSocialising #WashYourHands

Love to have credit to my work and @FinancialTimes cropped out by a Nobel prize winning economist.

I think in economics they call this the free rider problem. https://t.co/Vs5M7HKhpQ

America's response to the coronavirus is the worst in the world, which is shocking and has a lot to do with a leader who is completely unfit, temperamentally and intellectually, for the job 1/

I'm receiving so much flack, vitriol, and trolling right now - there is no doubt in my mind that we're in the "denial" phase of this bubble's bursting.

See my discussion about this "denial" phase and how it will lead to the "despair" phase:


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